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Redneck Rap

redneck rap

redneck rap

"RedNeck Rap": Bill Otto, GOP Lawmaker, Criticized For Anti-Obama Song
TOPEKA, Kan. — A video featuring a Kansas legislator criticizing President Barack Obama's policies while wearing a hat describing opossum as "the other dark meat" was removed Thursday from YouTube, where the lawmaker had posted it last ...

Republican criticized for "RedNeck Rap" against Obama | Politics ...
VIDEO -- TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- A Kansas legislator faces criticism for a.

Kan. lawmaker's anti-Obama 'RedNeck Rap' draws ire (AP)
AP - A video titled RedNeck Rap that features a Kansas lawmaker repeatedly criticizing President Barack Obama's policies while wearing a hat describing opossum as the other dark meat has been removed from YouTube.

Kan. legislator's anti-Obama video that also calls opossum 'other ...
Kan. lawmaker's anti-Obama 'RedNeck Rap' off WebTOPEKA, Kan. — A video featuring a Kansas legislator criticizing President Barack Obama's policies while wearing a hat describing opossum as.

Kansas Rep. Bill Otto's "RedNeck Rap"
... their heads and asking, "This man is an elected official?" This weekend I found the latest video from Otto, "RedNeck Rap," this weekend and while I did nearly fall out of my seat laughing, his message in the "rap" was very concerning.

Judge declares mistrial in Abramoff-related case; setback for ...
craigshipp POLITICS: Kansas Lawmaker's Anti-Obama 'Redneck Rap' Taken Down.; ecas123 Fox News: Is this now the Bush Recovery; greenrat .:; intellibitz Aquacoolr@#politics->Obama will raise ...

Redneck Rap Takes Us Into the Weekend
I'll be honest with you. It's been a pretty goddamned long week. It started out on Monday when I was still slightly hungover from El Pres' wedding and a weekend coaching youth football, staying on top of a busy weekend of NFL football ...

93.1 Wolf Country » The Original Redneck Rap
The Original Redneck Rap. Posted in: Wake Up With The Wolf. We've had some recent controversy on the show about whether rap and country music belong together. It all started when we played Colt Ford's “Ride Through the Country,” but ...

PSU CAS IT eNews: Lighter Side & Interesting Links
[Video] The Turkey Rap - Redneck Rap Song Nice! [Video] Aerogel Aerogel is the lightest material in the world. Reboot the Coke Machine Please We ...

"Rednecks" listen to rap music?
We both love almost all kinds of rock, but no hip-hop, rap, or "redneck country" (as in it can be country, but not hardcore country, if that makes any sense) Also, we would prefer that they are slow songs. Please put a list of recommended songs. Here are the songs we have right now so it will be easier to know what kind of songs to recommend:
Angel, by The Jones Gang
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy, by Queen
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), by Green Day
Feels Like the First Time, by Foreigner
Accused of Love, by Tom Petty

What are some good Teen couple songs?
I never grew up hearing this term because I'm North Carolina. I live in Phoenix and hear folks use it all the time. Is this a universal term? I found this Definition on urban dictionary.

Redneck + wigger = Bro. Obsessed with the Metal Mulisha, Bam Margera, dirt-bikes, and huge gas-guzzling American trucks. Listen to music like The Kottonmouth Kings, Insane Clown Posse, Eminem, DMX, Dr. Dre, Afroman, Linkin Park, post-Black Album Metallica, etc. Usually racist (regardless of the fact that they listen to rap and look slightly "ghetto"...they're the only type of people who would utter the phrase "Yo, I hate black people, yo." and not be kidding). Also very homophobic (regardless of the fact that they love 'play fighting' with their male friends), and usually make fun of mentally retarded kids (even though they're just as stupid). Usually seen doing stupid shit like rein-acting Jackass stunts or yelling idiotic shit to people out their giant truck window.

This White lady at my job told me its an old prison term for "bend right over"...

State where you are from and if this term above is accurate and do you hear it being used?

What does the word "bro" mean when you are referring to someone?
well me & my bff always 'fight' about whether to listen to country or rap music. she is obsessed with that hiphoppy stuff, when i absolutly love countryyy music, and she hates it! her nickname is swaggga guh! whats a good country nickname besides redneck girl? haha please help...thank you in advance!!

okay, country nicknames? this is serious. please help,?
isn't that like a bit hypocritical in a way? lol also, are there any/many "gangsters" that listen to country??i thought rednecks like county music. So why do you you like rap. Exactly. To me it's not hypocritical because they can like any music they want to. I think there are some gangstas that like country. IDK

who said i like rap. that mess is stupid and ignorant, lacking in anything that could ever be thought of as musical OR quality. . . and i feel the same way about country lol they both melt the brain. :)

why do so many rednecks like rap?
I asked a question and people got so up and riled and down right RUDE about it that it made me want to know more. So what do you guys think, is being a Navy Wife ( or Army, Marines, AF, ect.) any different than being a civilians wife?
And do you think there are certain ways of living,
Social rules, codes of conduct, examples to live your life by? Do you think that it is fair?
I am honestly just curious to see what you all think out there. I will give 10 point to the best answer all though I am SURE there will be some good ones.

Here is my Opinion:
I was an Officer’s Daughter growing up, and now I am an enlistee’s wife, I am still figuring that out, not how to be an enlistee's wife but how to be a wife to someone in the Navy, period. I do know that there ARE certain ways and things that you don't do when you are married to someone in the military, I think that people have forgotten that because our generation has gotten so relaxed, which in my opinion isn't necessarily a good thing. I like a little bit of formality in military life, and I am one of those people that think that getting rid of old traditions really is a shame.

Be respectful, be polite, don't embarrass yourself, or your dad, husband, mother, always say Sir or Ma'am, never forget your manners, always properly address someone with their title until they personally give you permission to do otherwise, and even when they do use with caution. Those are rules that I was brought up on and I will teach those to my children, I mean my parents weren't mean by any means, or strict really, but when I was growing up I knew what was acceptable when going to command events and what wasn't and I think that there is nothing wrong with that. I like to think that there is still some class in this life I live in, the military life; we aren’t all backwards, southern hicks who don’t have a lick of sense.
I hate that stereotype and I cannot wait for it to be done away with. I mean how degrading is that? To assume that everyone is in the Military is like that? I can't believe people have the audacity, when I mention that my husband is in the Navy I have actually gotten the responses, "Oh my God, is he one of the backward rednecks from (insert some southern state)" I can't believe how clueless some people are! I think that the reason it has become so accumulate is because we have lost a lot of formality in our lives and people think it’s fine to be all over the place all the time. I think that once the military realizes that the reason people are become more like this is because of a lack of formality they will seriously consider enforcing rules and laws again. I don't like trashiness, for a lack of better word, and I can't stand seeing Military Wives being that way, it makes me feel so, like demeaned and feel they are setting a bad rap for all of us; I am longing for the friends of my mother, her friends had class, but they weren't stuck up, they were strong and independent, they had educations, families, and jobs. I hope that I can be like that, and I hope to set a good example for my children. I know that I cannot be the only person in the world who is like this, I just can't be. What happened to being a lady? Not gossiping about every little petty thing that comes your way? How come every time some asks me what I am doing when we move to CA and I say school they look at me like I am crazy.

I wish there was a handbook, an honest to God little book that would give us a real look at what it is like to live your life and marriage in the Military. How to deal with petty women, bosses who don't give anyone breaks, a medical system when you have to stay on hold for 30+ minutes only to get a appointment 30 days from then, how to not feel heartbroken when your husband is away for the birth of child, or graduation from college or any other of life's major milestones. Who ever writes this book with make a fortune.

People assume that ranks are outdated and nobody worries about that kind of thing anymore, but I see it all the time, I mean I don't care about ranks, I just see the different motions going on between them and I am always curious how people don't think that there is a power struggle going on when it is blatantly in front of their eyes. I just think that I am a little more old fashion, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. I strongly believe that people of a higher rank deserve to have respect show to them, they have earned it, and I don't see anything wrong with that. Everyone deserves to be respected, but no one should be under the illusion that ranks don't play a part in that respect, that is just being ignorant.

Again that is just my opinion and I held back a lot of what I wanted to say because it was already so long. Thank you guys so much, have an open mind and answer this with your personal opinions, it should be a good discussionActually MALS, I posted the question again to get a few more responses, and YOU didn't like the fact that I didn't bow down and take your answer as the SOLE answer of this kind of question. I am sick and tired of going to Military events where little teeny bobber WIVES run around in short skirts, tanktops flapping and cleavage showing.

And I didn't say it was a JOB, I said I would like a handbook that would help me navigate living this life a little better, as I am sure a lot of other people would like as well. If you have a problem with that then go write a blog about it.

Navy Wives, certain roles to follow, codes of conduct?
my question is, how can i get the "hank williams jr-country boy can survive" Instrumental only, cuz ima do a cover on dat, turn it into rap
haha, to piss sum rednecks off! soo hit me up

people who likes rap music!!?
as an all-american of chinese descant. for a long time i have avoided getting involved with asian women. pretty much it would be weird to like asian girls. but lately i've gotten more interested in my roots. i'm now living in the san gabriel vally area. and i've notice that around here, there are some asian girl and asian male couples. i've always found it odd here in american to see asian girls with their own kind. i'm wondering where these asian guys met these asian girls. i've always gone to redneck hick town schools and i consider myself influenced by southern culture and way of living. everything i have is made by american companies. like my car, my cell phone, shoes, jeans. i'm not one of those adopted kids, or twinkies. out there who think they are white. i'm simply all-american. alright let's get to the point. where can i meet some asian girls. i guess i've been avoiding them so much that i don't know where to look for them. where can i find the asian girls that do like asian guys, but aren't into the hip hop rap gangster type or those abrecrombie and holister types, or those twinkie scene wanna be girls. i just want an authentic and nice asian girl. where can i meet the way let's keep it in america. i haven't been to china, nor do i plan to live there. so let's keep the location in the states alright. i'm sure you can say to go to china and i'll find asian girls. but it would be hard to communicate with them due to my less than perfect chinese.

Where do these asian guys meet asian girls?
I'm sick of all these racist faces/
I hear it all the time in these redneck places/
All cause Obama is our president/
And all the money he spent/
Well fuck em/
Cause this is a new era of thinkin/
And all you muthaf uckas got ya minds wastin/
Away into nothin/
Makes me wanna take out a gun and blast somethin/
And yea im white/
But this shit makes me wanna hate on my own kind/
Cause sometimes I think im gonna lose my mind/
I try not to think about it/
but its hard cause I hear the whole bit/
I say all the time i dont wanna hear that s hit/
And I see Bill and Rush on TV/
If I see ya in real life ill punch ya till ya mouth bleeds/

Rate my rap 1-10 and give me ways to improve it?
i keep it real. you say i have terrible taste in rap, but 95% of the time im listen to southern bred, cornfed rappers.

bubba sparxxx
slim thug
bun b
pimp c
rick ross
trick daddy
flo rida
t pain
mike jones
paul wall
khujo gunclub goody
duddy ken
rico wade
sleepy brown
tampa tonyi aint forget 'bout country breakdancin, okey dokey?

i go both ways. i want to expand my, not that "both" ways homos lol

ima just a sweet tea chuggin, shotgun totin,rap influenced redneck?
Blah blah blah, is he gay people say. Personally I don't care. But, if he is. He will have the gay community/clubbing scene vote. He has Girls and Women who think he's cute and talented. My aunt is 60+ yrs old, and loves the guy! My husband is sort of a Redneck, and in his book no one else stands the chance of winning. I like Classic Rock and Broadway ability singers, so I think the guy can do just about anything with that if those ever were the music theme!!! If he sang a Classic Queen song, or even Guns and Roses, he'd blow the speakers! I don't "dig" the haters of a guy who is off the charts talented, now a days, in the world of Rap and Pop music? Totally Mainstream, and totally deserving of the title 2009 American Idol. Who is "marketable", who could pack a Paid venue, like a Broadway musical or Big name club? Adam, that is it!!!
Allison would be awesome with the right pick of musicians, and her own Rock band. The rest are like Simon says, "Forgettable performances". Kris, he'd get the teeny bopper girls. Anyone agree?I honestly agree with the answerer who may think he's the best the show has ever had. I totally think so based on MUSICAL talent, versatility, charisma, star quality, stage presence, seems like a genuinely nice guy, and appreciative not a chip on his shoulder like the two who just left tonight! Like he wants it bad, but doesn't act like he deserves it self centered attitude. I hope he wins the whole thing!!!

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